âme sœur

2 strand everyday wear waist bead, handmade in Ivory Coast. One size fits most.

âme sœur

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  • Waist Beads Are Not Meant To Be Taken On & Off


    Size: 47"

    Smaller waistlines can remove extra string and beads to customize length.



    1. Wrap waist beads around the section of your waist/torso.
    2. Tie the string in a loose knot and shift the beads around your waist/torso to test comfortability. 
    3. Once comfortable with the fit, make the loose knot into a tight secure knot.
    4. Remove the remainder of the beads and cut the thread.
  • Due to the sensitivity of Morowa Beauty waist beads, all sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges at this time.